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11th Sunday in Ordinary Time June 16, 2024


Pastor's Notes

I bet many gathered here today are thinking about their fathers, our fathers on earth and in heaven and so we should! Happy Father’s Day to our fathers on earth and in heaven! Jesus was a great believer in and promoter of renewal, both of his hearers’ personal outlook and of the structures and priorities of the Jewish religion. In today’s parable, he draws attention to the mysterious miracle of growth and fruitfulness. As I leave Saint Patrick’s and Holy Cross and begin a new ministry at Our Lady of the Rosary the readings this week are relevant. All parishes are living the process of renewal.

The readings this week show that what is small, hard to see, and even invisible can have vast importance. Whether it is the tender shoot of the cedar tree or the tiny seed of the mustard plant, what seems slight now will become something mighty. “We walk by faith, not by sight,” the Second Letter to the Corinthians says; we hope in that what is unseen and in the future will come to pass. The important thing, though, is to realize how the present still matters. Think of the little seeds, shoots, and easy-to-miss places in your life where more attention and cultivation “shall bear fruit,” as the psalmist says, in the kingdom of God.

Jesus issues an invitation for all of us in this season of renewal—for fathers and for the rest of us who hope to lead fruitful lives. It is the way of the farmer, who views the ground not only as dirt but as the matrix of all hope. For the ground, coupled with his own purposeful activity, is the medium of a harvest through God’s holy desire to bring forth life. The seed sleeps in the dark soil, dying to its original being to emerge as something greater than itself. This world is the soil of our lives. It is where potential meets possibility and possibility the movement toward perfection.

Thomas Merton described grace as the hidden potential we have for every virtue—like the oak tree hidden in the meat of an acorn. “To be an acorn,” he wrote, “is to have a taste for being an oak tree.” You and I seek grace, desire its transformative effect, because we are acorns with oak trees inside with a taste for who we are meant to be. Planted in the soil of this world, with proper care and attention, the virtues in our spiritual genes will emerge and we will assume our place in the grove of those giants, the saints. It is not only simple to do, but also the plan. God’s plan, anyway. The only thing that interferes with its maturity is if we plan something else.

Eyes on Jesus,

Father William


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