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Bishop's Appeal 2023

The 2023 Appeal theme, Tapestry of Faithis dedicated to nurturing the growth of faith communities through providing opportunities for community and relationship building within our parishes and Diocese. In addition, it will provide support for our Clergy, Sisters, Seminarians and Vocations by providing funds for things such as: salary subsidies, retired clergy support, Seminarian and Vocations costs. Funds from this Appeal will also provide practical support for our Local Mission Parishes by providing funds for housing for Priests and Sisters, support for community outreach and funds for operational expenses such as heat, light, taxes, facility maintenance, and travel costs.

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First Week of Advent Dec 2/3, 2023


Kevin Stafford has dutifully served as our part time custodian since shortly after my commencement at OLOR.  This has required one adjustment after another as we’ve reduced our requirements to maintain multiple buildings and four acres of property on Goldstream, to a single building on Irwin Rd., and he’s decided to move on.  I personally thank him for his amazing flexibility and willingness to help do just about anything at any time.  Meanwhile Kevin is looking for a 1 bedroom or bachelor suite and would be happy to hear from anyone with a lead.  God bless you Kevin.  In the meantime, we’ll be recruiting volunteers to assume cleaning/custodial duties at the parish house.  Please let our office know if able to help. 

I’m both thinking forward to Advent and reminiscing about some history.  I received the pictured photo this week of my time in ministry at Mount St. Mary Hospital on Quadra and Fairfield.  Pictured in the Chapel with me is Bishop Ray Roussin, later the Archbishop of Vancouver, who now we trust is resting in peace!  Archbishop Ray suffered terribly from depression and surprisingly made his mental health struggle quite public in Vancouver.  And with that gentle and kind Bishop, I pray also resting the arms of Jesus, is resident Dan Maloney who through both debilitating illness and the proximity of Christ’s sacraments came back to his faith in a dynamic, joyful and vibrant way.  Both of these men were an inspiration to me, not just in spite of, but because of their suffering.  In this season of Advent, as we plan to be ‘shrivin’ of our sins at the Penitential Service 6:30 Wednesday the 13th at Star of the Sea, perhaps we could think of someone suffering with whom to offer our compassionate proximity.  As the Jesus taught so powerfully in last Sunday’s gospel, ‘WHATEVER YOU DO TO THE LEAST OF THESE, YOU’VE DONE IT TO ME’. 

On this theme of Advent service, and witness to the coming of Christ, I hope to ‘interview’ a member of the parish at our two OLOR Masses this weekend and trust this will encourage your faith.  Last Sunday was a full and rich occasion of sacramental and pastoral grace, as I celebrated 3 Masses and enjoyed the hospitality of a parish family at dinner. The William Head prisoner’s Mass was a warm communal fellowship of faith with over a dozen inmates.  God bless Deacon Dion and others who serve Christ amongst them each Sunday.  In the spirit of ‘synodality’ and listening, I try to learn and listen from all I encounter in ministry, and believe a suggested idea might be something to ponder.  Because of the combination of my sabbatical absence and the massive energy focussed on the departure from OLOR Goldstream and transition to Our Lady Star of the Sea, I’ve been unable to organize a Christmas ministry to the Pacheedaht First Nation.  However, I’d like to hear about particular needs this Christmas amongst our extended parish family.  If you, or anyone you know amongst the faithful of OLOR in need of assistance (food, clothing or any other items) please let me know and we’ll attempt to respond. 

 Remember to bring Advent wreathes for blessing this weekend Masses.  At this Sunday’s 8:30 Mass we’ll formally welcome and accept the RCIA candidates who are preparing for Easter sacraments of initiation.  FOR BAPTISM: JONATHAN, KATE, CHRIS, ALZIRA, JESSE AND AMANDA; AND FOR CONFIRMATION FROM OTHER CHRISTIAN COMMUNITIES: RAQUEL, KENWYN (LAST WEEKEND), JOSHUA AND JOEL.  FINALLY, SUTHERLAND SEEKS CONFIRMATION AS A BAPTIZED CATHOLIC.  WELCOME AND WE THANK GOD FOR ALL OF YOU AS WELL AS YOUR SPONSORS.

 Next weekend about 30 of us will be venturing over to the Benedictine Abbey in Mission B.C. for our second annual Parish Advent Retreat. Those remaining will happily be sacramentally looked after by the Base Padres Alex and Charles.  Advent peace to all. 

Fr. Dean

Christmas and New Year Masses

Dec 13 (Wed) @ 6:30pm – Penitential Service at OLSS

Dec 24 (Sun): Christmas Eve

8:30am – cancelled

10:30am – OLSS

5:00pm – Children’s Mass

7:00pm – OLSS (Carols)

9:00pm – OLOR

11:00pm OLOR

Dec 25 (Mon): Christmas Day

10:30am – OLSS

Dec 30 (Sat):

5:00pm – OLOR

Dec 31 (Sun): Holy Family

8:30am – OLOR

10:30am – OLSS

Dec 31 (Sun): New Year’s Eve

5:00pm – OLOR Solemnity of Mary

Jan 1 (Mon): New Year’s Day

10:30am – OLSS



Parish House @ 2936 Irwin Road

Tuesday – Friday:   9 am

Star of the Sea @ 595 Galiano Crescent

Saturday:   5 pm

Sunday:   8:30 am & 10:30 am

CONFESSION  (Star of the Sea)

Saturday – 4:15 pm – 4:45 pm  

Sunday – 8:00 am – 8:20 am

ADORATION: (2936 Irwin Rd)

Tuesday: 9:30-10:30am

Our Lady of Star of the Sea Parking

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2936 Irwin Road Langford BC V9B 5Y9

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Mon-Fri: 9:30am – 3pm

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