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From the Pastor's Desk Jan 21/22 2022


Third Sunday in Ordinary Time 2023

The prophecy of Isaiah and the Gospel of Matthew Biblical readings for this coming Sunday include the geographical region of Galilee as the location of the miraculous dawn of light and incarnation of Jesus, the Son of God.  It’s hard for me to believe that after 3 years of attempting to plan for a Holy Land pilgrimage, by next month at this time, I and 30 other pilgrims will wander Galilee in the footsteps of our Lord.  After years of proclaiming and preaching the Gospel, it’s about time I got there.  Better late than never.  Next Sunday the 29th after the Sunday Mass, the pilgrims (some of whom are OLOR parishioners) will gather to plan and pray together.  As I told the youth disciples last week, when dipping my toe in the Jordan River and recalling the baptism of the Lord, I’ll remember you in prayer.

Last Sunday saw an extraordinary resurgence in attendance of the faithful.  The 9:00 Mass was fuller than has been usual, and the 11:00 saw numbers that exceed my recollection of pre-pandemic numbers.  Thanks to the crew who wired the small hall for a TV monitor audio/visual extension of the Mass for Christmas (which wasn’t necessary then), we were able to send the faithful overflow for seating.  We had to scramble to figure out a system for the reception of communion, but what a good challenge to have.  The number of children and youth at that Mass is a holy blessing for which we are so grateful.  The Saturday Mass still offers plenty of room.  With so many visitors and newcomers, our need for the ministry of hospitality is greater than ever.  Not all would expect it, but I do know people who are arriving at Mass greatly hoping to be greeted and offered a personal welcome.  Please watch for newcomers and reach out the ‘right hand of fellowship’.  Some may even wish to join our small hospitality team at each of the Masses.  Contact Rita from our parish council

I look forward to joining our youth disciples this Monday the 23rd for the St. Mother Teresa movie at Silver City.  She was an inspiration to a generation and still is but most young people would not know her as a contemporary.  Come and enjoy a night at the movies along with some of our youth.  

May Jesus’ light brighten up your winter darkness and embrace you in his everlasting love.

Blessings in Him,

 Fr. Dean


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