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From the Pastor's Desk July 30/31 2022


18th Sunday in Ordinary Time 2022

There’s never a good time to leave the parish, even for a planned holiday.  I just got a call about the need for a funeral Mass (Lindsay Foley RIP) and it will have to be celebrated in my absence which requires all kinds of extraordinary administration.  Bless the Lord for Fr. Sean. The sacristy will be renovated while I’m away, so (with consultation) I’m feverishly sorting and purging, cleansing and storing decades of accumulated holy stuff.  I’m going where angels fear to tread!  Because of the varied complexities and conflicts that arise from holiday absence, some clergy colleagues actually refuse to take them on weekends.  I resist that temptation with an admission of need for a bit of rest from the 24/7 responsibility of pastoring.  It’s also good for the faithful (you) to exercise your baptismal ministry and fill the gaps; so, thanks to all who are stepping up to the plate, including Cynthia our secretary.  Fr. Marc Parent, the 79-year-old former naval Chaplain will be present for weekend Masses.  He’ll offer confessions on Saturday as usual but not on Sunday.  Fr. Sean will take weekday Masses Tuesday through Thursday but not Friday.  With an increasing priest shortage, we are so blessed to have their assistance.  I’ll be present this weekend, but see you next for daily Mass August 24th.   I’m very much looking forward to some camping and puttering about the Island with my family.

This week, I’m very consciously walking in solidarity with Pope Francis and the Indigenous Peoples of Canada.  I find my mind and heart full of such a spectrum of thought and feeling that it’s difficult to process let alone communicate.  However, I have a sense of the magnitude of historic significance this week represents.  I’ve just read the Times Colonist reprint of his full address on Monday at Maskwacis Alberta and am moved by the Pope’s profound sensitivity to those harmed by residential schools, his bold humility in asking forgiveness and naming the evils endured, and his inspiration in the God of resurrection hope for good to rise from the ashes.  I’m glad and grateful he’s here.  Throughout the week I’ll be in touch with a number of First Nation friends who also experience a range of responses to the Pope’s visit.  Let’s pray for an increase in bridges between cultures paved with our contrition and hope for mercy with which we commence every Mass.  “I am sorry.  I ask forgiveness, in particular, for the ways in which many members of religious communities co-operated in projects of cultural destruction and forced assimilation promoted by governments of that time, which culminated in the system of residential schools.  Although Christian charity was not absent, and there were many outstanding instances of devotion and care for children, the overall effects of the policies linked to the residential schools were catastrophic.”  Pope Francis

The bulletin will be either partial or absent for the next three weeks.  Continued summer blessings.

Blessings in Him,

 Fr. Dean


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