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From the Pastor's Desk Sep 24/25 2022


26th Sunday in Ordinary Time 2022

Last week after Sunday Masses and a joyful coffee social with parishioners in the small hall, I joined the young adult brunch fellowship at the home of Jamey and Meagan.  Scrambled eggs, pancakes and lively conversations with some very enthusiastic and devoted young Catholics was good for my soul.  First year catechism commenced last week too and small groups for discipling 13-15 year olds continued and solidified in relationship.  God is taking our seeds of youth/children’s ministry initiative and making them flourish. Thanks be to God! It’s crucial to the future health of our parish.  But children and youth aren’t the only disciples of Jesus who need encouragement in growth.  We all do and the more small-group formation and discipleship opportunities the better.   For older adults, we’re launching our registration for an advent retreat at the Benedictine Westminster Abbey.   Fr. Vince Hawkswell from Vancouver (who cared for us sacramentally during a previous summer holiday) will speak, along with his teaching companion Maureen Creelman on “Developing a Closer Relationship with Jesus”.  The emphasis will be prayer and the spiritual life.  Over half the spots are taken already so don’t hesitate to get registered.  Pictured below is a book I’m reading to prepare for the February Holy Land pilgrimage; again, an opportunity for adult faith formation.  It strikes me that so much of Jesus ministry was accomplished while travelling with his apostles and disciples and we’re wise to replicate his missionary methodology.  It’s not too let to come to Jerusalem with us!

Along with our Diocese I want to commission all catechists and servant leaders at Masses this weekend.  If you’ve got a role of responsibility in the parish (and I hope you do), be prepared to stand and affirm your commitment of Christian service with the community. 

All are invited to a special Mass for the feast of the Archangels Thursday September 29th at 6:00 p.m. for the intentions of our building project.  Mass will be followed by a period of adoration and the Spanish Rosary.  The next evening Mass occasion on the calendar ought to be our parish feast day of Our Lady of the Rosary on Friday October 7th.  Details to follow.  September 30th is the Truth and Reconciliation Day in Canada and the office will be closed but I’ll offer the morning Mass and then try to have the Church accessible by code lock until 3:00 p.m.

Blessings in Him,

 Fr. Dean


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