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Parish Updates Easter Season 2023


Dcn. Dion's Message

God is good, very good.

How has your week been? Are you celebrating the Joys of Easter each and every day?

As you are well aware RidgeView Place, formally Danbrook One has been deemed unsafe for occupancy and the structure’s stability deemed questionable resulting in the request vacate message to surrounding buildings.

Our prayers go out to the numerous households who have lost their homes. So many lives have been impacted. If you are aware of space that can accommodate individuals displaced by this vacate notice please pray about it, and take action. Reach out to the City of Langford or Centurion Property Associates Inc. with this solution so they can connect those displaced to share these much needed solutions.

We also pray for the many who are served by our local St. Vincent de Paul store. That they may find their needs met through their Tillicum Thrift Store at 1010 Craigflower Road, or through other organizations. If you have discerned solutions please again pray about them and contact St. Vincent de Paul directly. Maybe your pray fully discerned idea is the one that is needed!

Our Preschool/Daycare was scheduled to close at the end of June 2023. Our wonderful long time facility manager, Maureen has been working diligently with the support of numerous parents, volunteers, Island Catholic Schools, Diocese of Victoria, RRU, City of Langford and so many others to find solutions. As of the time of going to print, we have identified an alternate location for these last two months of operation. We pray that God’s hand is leading our path forward and that all of those individuals who’s hearts and hands are involved in the solution are able to take us forward to this or another solution asap!

Our Parish office is closed. Cynthia will not be stopped! In a post COVID world of flexible work models a mixture of remote work and some temporary limited service office hours offered in our small hall 3 mornings a week will begin next week. When you have a moment reach out and let her know how much we all appreciate her support and flexibility. Thank you Cynthia!

Kevin continues to manage to navigate the various buildings on our current and new location. When you see Kevin thank him. WOW he shows up and makes it good for us all. Go Kevin!

What else? Thankfully the Church and small hall are outside of the vacate zone. Mass times continue as per usual along with scheduled activities in the small hall. Site prep work is beginning at the Irwin Road location. Please keep praying your prayers , time and financial support are ever so important.

And will all that: Parish life flows abundantly with Fr. Sean, Fr. Frank, servers, readers, ushers, Baptisms, youth group, Polish Community group, children’s catechism classes, music ministry, parish council, Couples for Christ, CCO, parish building committee, finance committee, prayer groups, African Community Group, visitation to the homebound, St. Vincent de Paul local chapter, CWL, Knights of Columbus, Social Justice, Spanish Rosary Group, Adult Youth(over18) … ++++ so so many more.

Remember Jesus loves you and so do we, Alleluia, Alleluia!


Blessings, Dcn. Dion

Dcn. Dion Pomponio

Our Lady of the Rosary Parish

Langford, BC


OLOR Church @ 798 Goldstream Ave

Tuesday – Thursday:   9 am (Fr. Sean)

Saturday:   6pm (Fr. Sean)

Sunday:   9am & 11 am (Fr. Frank)

Sacrament of Reconciliation:

Saturday: After 6pm Mass or by appointment

Sunday: Before 11am Mass


Wednesday: 9:30-10:30am

New office location: 2756 Claude Road Victoria BC V9B 3T6

Office hours: Mon-Fri 9:30am – 3:00pm

If you’re new to the parish and would like to register, please click below to download the registration form:

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