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Bishop’s Appeal 2020:

The Bishop’s Appeal is such a vital and worthy cause in our Diocese. Not only are you helping your own parish but you are aiding countless other parishes that desperately need help with essentials. If not for the money raised last year, the Diocese would not have been able to create a sustainable financial plan to get some of our parishes through one of the hardest times in our history. The Diocese is committed to your success; please consider making your own commitment by clicking the link below. 


Horizon of Hope



Holy Land

Pilgrimage to the Holy Land in 2021

Under the spiritual leadership of our pastor Fr. Dean Henderson on April 12-21, 2021.

Click the link below for more information:

Pilgrimage to Holy Land 2021


From the Pastor's Desk November 21/22, 2020


Solemnity of Christ the King

Tuesday I attended the graveside prayers for an elder who lived on the Tswaout reserve that the week before the family had asked I come and anoint and commend to the Lord.  She died the next day.  In a ‘small world’ kind of way, her own father was an elder that (then) Fr. Gary (now Bishop Gary) used to visit with communion weekly up the Fraser Valley.  It was a very stormy day with morning ferries cancelled and I decided to walk and pray along the Sidney waterfront and test my rain gear.  It failed.  One of the basics of mental health from varied helping professionals is to get outside and into the ‘fresh air’ of our beautiful creation.  Beach walking, with the addition of the rosary and extemporaneous prayer, really does wonders for my soul, mind and body.  Feeling a bit down in the darkness of late November?  Take a walk and talk with Jesus!  When you come to Mass, praising God will be even easier.  The reality of the economic fallout of Covid hit home as I enjoyed a meal that afternoon at what would normally be a bustling Chinese buffet.  The server informed me an ordinarily packed restaurant which supports six staff, had not one customer the night before, and I was only his 3rd lunch customer.  Let’s do our best to support our local businesses. 

I had some disappointed parishioners after the Tuesday night Mass when I informed them that all the 56 Christmas stockings for Pacheedaht children had been claimed.  Way to go SRL and OLOR parishioners.  Please have them in by December 13th and well labelled for delivery for Christmas.  Thanks again to parishioners who are making the place looked loved and spruced up a bit.  At OLOR, not only is our regular crew of ladies keeping the Church cleaned for the folk coming for quiet prayer (and the occasional baptism and wedding), but our Confirmation displays are up for celebration and the entrance foyer in the hall is getting a nice economical makeover; paint, area rug, new closet doors etc.  Plans for minor renovation of the hall kitchen are ongoing with the counters and raising up the dishwasher are in place.  Replacing the old propane stove has hit a financial snag and requires further thought.  At SRL, we’re taking a couple of security measures in light of some issues such as vandalism and late night activity in the parking lot.  A new chain link across the entrance will deter nefarious activity when the Church isn’t in use, and a new arrangement with our cable/phone provider will soon install security cameras.  Unfortunate but necessary.

Christ the King is one of my favourite liturgies this weekend with the conclusion of our liturgical year.  I pray you’d know his sovereign love and, as we are praying in the novena of Abandonment to God, trust him to take care of everything.  Amen to that!



Peace to you and yours,

 Fr. Dean


Important Addendum to the Bulletin from Fr. Dean

By now you’ve all likely heard about the new Provincial Covid measures and restrictions which include the suppression of all liturgies and gatherings in the Church.  I am both saddened and angry about the deprivation of worship.  I can only hope for reduction in the disease and resumption of worship as soon as possible. 

In the meantime, I will be out in Sooke to celebrate a Zoomed Mass at 4:00 on Saturday; the details are below, and for the time being the Sunday zoom Mass is cancelled. 

At Our Lady of the Rosary we will continue to have the Church open for individual prayers; but the Bishop asks us not to schedule any ‘event’.  I will continue to offer my office hours and celebrate private Masses daily for all our needs.  How fortuitous to begin the Novena of Abandonment to God today. “O Jesus, I surrender myself to you; take care of everything”.  Faithfully and in suffering love, Fr. Dean

Keep in mind that a zoom option is offered Saturday at 4:00 p.m.

https://gvsd61.zoom.us/j/7235705259? pwd=aTJ3ejFKQmFhcUFITVZNUmYwRWJJQT09

Meeting ID: 723 570 5259 Password: 993162


All in-person Masses are currently suspended until further notice.

Please read the revised Directives from the Diocese by clicking the link below:

Revised Directives Memo (Nov. 20, 2020)

Fr. Dean Henderson will celebrate Mass every Saturdays at 4pm via livestream, see details below:


Meeting ID: 723 570 5259 Password: 993162