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From the Pastor's Desk June 25/26 2022


13th Sunday in Ordinary Time 2022

We are liturgically and spiritually rich at OLOR with such memorable occasions like the beautiful Corpus Christi Mass and unique (in living memory) public procession of the Blessed Eucharist.  Years ago my old friend and mentor Msgr. Mike O’Connell RIP, led a procession on the property, but we ventured onto Goldstream, an important sign of our ‘public’ faith in the truth of Jesus.  Well done, and thanks for all the assistance to make this an extraordinary celebration of the central sacrament of our Church.

On a much more mundane and less positive note, my name was used by fraudulent scammers early this week.  Numerous parishioners informed me of a plot to feign my request for gift cards for our staff and send the identity numbers by photo.  At this point thankfully most clarified with me by text that this was a scam, and those who ‘kindly’ purchased Visa gift cards sent me the photos and not the scammer.  This is an all too frequent occasion and you must all be warned.  With all parishioner and Church related communication I will use ONLY this email  RCD stands for Roman Catholic Diocese of Victoria.  Getting something with my name from another address?  Red flag.  Secondly, with the Diocesan policy of financial transparency, I will NEVER solicit gifts or funds except through the parish books for the sake of proper accountability.  I’m asking for a direct donation to an account in my name: second RED FLAG.  Text me at 250.882.2151 if in doubt.

On the theme of transparency, the Parish Council and I will be offering an ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING this weekend after the 11:00 Mass for the purpose of giving and receiving ministry reports and electing parish council members.  While I’ve assisted St. Rose of Lima in planning AGM’s this will be a first in a number of years at OLOR and I pray we lay good foundations in Christ for parish mission planning.  Speaking of which, this Saturday morning the parish council and I gather for seminar on the ministry of the Church, and missionary expansion planning.  We have a keen sense that as we move in the direction of our new Church, we’ll need to prayerfully plan for an increase in the Lord’s harvest and funding to match our growth.   Added to all this, I have my only wedding of the summer, a statistic that I hope will increase with time.  All sacraments are important, but the foundation of the family, the sacrament of holy matrimony is crucial for the future in Catholic fidelity. 

While building bridges within our wider culture, to the lonely and lost who as yet do not know and love Jesus, or have found themselves alienated from the Church for all kinds of reasons, we have special obligation to the peoples of First Nations.  On the first day of summer this week, I was honoured with an invitation from the T’Sou-ke FN Chief Gord Planes to join their first post pandemic community meal for National Indigenous Peoples Day.  Amongst other important specific ministries, God has blessed me with the important work of restoration of good friendships with our First People’s brothers and sisters.  I thank the Lord for the gift of my vocation of family and ministerial priesthood; it’s exhausting and exhilarating.  Deo Gracias


Blessings in Him,

 Fr. Dean


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