From the Pastor's Desk April 10/11 2021


Divine Mercy Sunday 2021


I’m hopping; not like the Easter Bunny, but with a wonderful assortment of liturgies to celebrate the Risen Jesus, faithfully embraced by his people.  Last weekend not only did we offer wonderful Masses for the Triduum in both parishes but I had a joyful celebration of baptism, confirmation and Holy Eucharist for Marc Goodman with his sponsors and family.  Welcome into the fold Marc.  This weekend, as we celebrate Divine Mercy, I’ll also welcome into full sacramental communion Wendy Yole and Lisa Bruschetta.  It will be a very happy day for both and their families.  Not only that, we’ll celebrate the bonds of holy matrimony with Ellen Kiernan (daughter of Joan and Jim) and her fiancé Jeff LePage.  Each of these celebrations are in the Church and limited to 10 people, but we are alive and kicken!!

At St. Rose of Lima a record 30 cars showed up for Easter Sunday.  Starting on April 23rd I will offer the Friday daily Mass in the SRL parking lot at 10 a.m.  No registration required.  I’ve heard from Langford and Sooke many express their gratitude for the opportunity to gather in the parking lot and enjoy both solemn and joyful sacramental worship.  We, your staff and clergy are also grateful for your cards and well wishes for this holy season of Easter. 

This next week I’ll be off for a week of holiday (a short up Island stay in Qualicum Beach, but mostly a ‘staycation’).  My ‘holyday’ was in August and it’s been a pretty steady pace of ministry since.  Ordinarily in pre pandemic days, in that span of that time the priests would have ‘filled their spiritual tanks’ at in-service professional development we call ‘study days’, and that followed by a week-long canonically required retreat.  Alas, cancelled.  So I can’t wait until the temperature warms up and I can get a break from the cold winds that blow everything from Missal pages to purificators off my makeshift outdoor altars.  But as one of my old timer residents at Mt. St Mary used to say “I’m not complain’n, just explain’n”!  I hope you can enjoy the season of Easter with confidence in the truth of the resurrection of Christ, complemented by the ever increasing signs of new life in the natural world of God’s creation.  As Jesus says so often to his amazed disciples who find it hard to believe he’s really risen from the dead “Peace be with you”.


Blessings in Him,

 Fr. Dean


Tuesday: 9 am (Drive-in, tune in to 87.9FM) No registration required

Wednesday: 9am (Drive-in, tune in to 87.9FM) No registration required

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