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You are invited to our 6-week Diocesan Lenten webinar on Pope Francis’ Encyclical “Fratelli Tutti” starting February 18, 2021 at 7:30pm.

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From the Pastor's Desk February 27/28, 2021


Second Sunday of Lent

Above is a photo from last weekend of one of more environmentally challenging Masses to date.  In both St. Rose and OLOR, I asked the Lord of the winds and rain, who calmed the tempest in the Sea of Galilee long ago, to spare us.  In Sooke the storm subsided at 5:00 p.m. exactly as the Mass ended.  Somehow me and Jesus got the timing wrong.  I had to laugh.  Notice if you will, not me, Fr. Sean or Arnie involved in the celebration of liturgy but Antony holding down the canopy in midst of the gusts, and either Gilly or Kevin in the blur to the right holding steady the speaker.  I was so impressed with our fearless crews who in both parishes have endured all kinds of challenges to ensure we have a public celebration of the Lord’s real presence.  This includes Cynthia who registers everyone each week for the parking lot Mass.   On behalf of the whole my parishes I offer a BIG “thank you”.

An impressive 100 phone calls have been logged by a team of ‘phone ministers’ at OLOR over the past number of weeks in order to extend ‘the right hand of fellowship’ to our parishioners who might be suffering the loss of contact with the community of faith.  Well done and thanks to you too.

Both the storm this past weekend and the snow cancellations the weekend prior have conspired to prevent us getting some Lenten devotion booklets out to you.  Like so many pandemic induced alterations of the best laid plans, I’m throwing my hands up in the air in resignation and storing them for next year’s Lent.  But if you’re really keen, ask me and I’ll get you one.  I’ve embraced a discipline of alcohol and dessert abstentions in the spirit of the season,  but reserve the right to embrace Sundays as a non-Lenten Day of festal celebration by cracking a nice Irish Ale….  Cheers, or as the Irish say “Sláinte”..  By the way, March 19 and March 25th the feasts of St. Joseph and Assumption are also exceptions to the Lenten observances of abstinence and fasting.  Hang in there.

I’ll leave it there with a mound of work yet to be done today.  Believe it or not I’m blessedly busy with pastoral appointments, administrative duties, caring for the poor, building committee developments, homily and writing responsibilities; not to mention as attempt to keep centered on Christ through Sacrament and prayer.  Family and recreational joys and responsibilities are liberally thrown into the mix and I have exactly what Jesus promised in John 10:10 “abundant life”.  May this life be yours too this season of Lenten grace.


In Lenten Grace,

 Fr. Dean



In the meantime, I will be out in Sooke to celebrate a Zoomed Mass at 4:00 on Saturday; the details are below, and for the time being the Sunday zoom Mass is cancelled. 

At Our Lady of the Rosary we will continue to have the Church open for individual prayers; but the Bishop asks us not to schedule any ‘event’.  I will continue to offer my office hours and celebrate private Masses daily for all our needs.  How fortuitous to begin the Novena of Abandonment to God today. “O Jesus, I surrender myself to you; take care of everything”.  Faithfully and in suffering love, Fr. Dean

Keep in mind that a zoom option is offered Saturday at 4:00 p.m.

https://gvsd61.zoom.us/j/7235705259? pwd=aTJ3ejFKQmFhcUFITVZNUmYwRWJJQT09

Meeting ID: 723 570 5259 Password: 993162


All in-person Masses are currently suspended until further notice.

Please read the revised Directives from the Diocese by clicking the link below:

Revised Directives Memo (Nov. 20, 2020)

Fr. Dean Henderson will celebrate Mass every Saturdays at 4pm via livestream, see details below:


Meeting ID: 723 570 5259 Password: 993162