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Bishop's Appeal 2021

The 2021 Appeal theme, Spirit of Hope – Healing & Reconciliation, invites us to trust that the Holy Spirit is working in us and through us. The goal of this years’ Appeal focuses on the healing work of the Diocese with the Indigenous peoples. Your pledge will also benefit our parish by supporting St. Anne’s First Nations Missions.

Please give prayerful consideration towards our Appeal and know that you are making a significant difference right here at home. 

Parish Goal: $45,000
Actual to Date: $2,375.00
Number of Gifts: 12

News and Events

From the Pastor's Desk Oct 9/10 2021


28th Sunday in Ordinary Time 2021

I deliberately attempt to make this contribution to the bulletin more ‘newsy’ than ‘preachy’ as I already include my homily notes from the last Sunday Mass. Hopefully you also get to Mass and actually hear a homily preached by Fr. Sean or yours truly.  However, I must begin this commentary with St. Paul’s excellent exhortation from 1 Thessalonians 5:18 “Give thanks in all circumstances”.  I always love this shrewd admonition as it avoids the excessive and unrealistic demand that we give thanks FOR all circumstances, and yet directs the heart to offer thanks to the good and loving God who is BEYOND all circumstances.  Good advice St. Paul.  Thanks.

I’m thankful for many things; personal and parochial, here are 10

  • The gift of faith which both grounds me and lifts my vision toward heaven. Be Thou My Vision O Lord of My Heart…
  • The blessing of family that gives me a sense of belonging where I’m loved and offer love, day in and day out, month in and month out, year in and year out.
  • For the health I’ve been given, although imperfect, but the sheer pleasure to get out weekly on a court to compete, sweat, laugh, win and even occasionally lose!
  • For years I didn’t have the financial security to provide for my family and lived paycheck to paycheck with a burden of fear. I’m so thankful those years are over.
  • I’m grateful to get into a nice old sportscar that works and drive each day (I’ve had many clunkers that were a source of embarrassment and breakdown angst)
  • I was so thankful to get a happy report this week from Dana our new St. Rose of Lima RE director about our children returning to the Church’s catechism classes. Jesus took them in his arms and blessed them saying ‘let the children come to me’.
  • I’m grateful for the soon to launch Bishop’s Appeal goal of a million dollars to support real Diocesan projects that will express our love and respect for our First Nation friends. I am so thankful for their friendship.
  • I thank God for the miracle of His direction in the unfolding of the OLOR’s building project. How did we manage the successful sale of the property?  Unless the Lord builds ‘His’ house, its labourers labour in vain! I’m thankful for the immense challenge of building His Church.
  • The staff and volunteers who make the parishes of SRL and OLOR faithful, fruitful and fun (my vocation motto: fides, ficunditas, hilaritas) They are a source of constant thanksgiving.
  • And last but not least, you. I’m thankful for you.  I wouldn’t be much of shepherd without a flock.  God bless each and every one of you.

Blessings in Him,

 Fr. Dean


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