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15th Sunday in Ordinary Time July 14, 2024


Pastor's Notes

If this week’s readings have a theme, it might be: “Everything starts with God.” Jesus’ empowering and “sending” of the apostles to extend his mission of healing reflects the missionary strategy of the Early Church: travel light and keep moving, do what is good, and put your trust completely in God. That is a good approach for Christians of any time and place. Life is a journey, a pilgrimage to holiness. Today when we hear this Jesus, the Master Pastor “summoning” or calling the disciples to be his followers we should take comfort. Aware of their failures and sinfulness, they also know themselves, in the power of God, to be capable of going beyond their own abilities.

            “Jesus summoned the Twelve and began to send them out”. And God, foolishly perhaps, chooses us to breathe life into this chaotic world of ours. And in that choice God opens for us new horizons. What is significant here is the role of the Twelve. They do not preach a message of their own. They have been sent by Christ, and he told them what to do and say, and even what to wear and not wear. They were his ambassadors. Amos, Paul, the Twelve, you, and me: All have been chosen God “before the foundation of the world” and given (Ephesians) a mission. God’s calls us today. Hearing his call, we may feel unworthy, and we may put up walls and busy ourselves in several ways. In our fears and doubts it is good to remember how the giants of our tradition (the apostles) were people who felt unworthy and were in every sense of the word afraid. Yet, they had an overwhelming experience of the love of God and were transformed.

            In the call of the disciples Jesus wanted them to be “unencumbered.” They were to be apostles of healing and forgiveness. Jesus is asking them to trust only his grace and loving involvement in their lives. It takes a strong stretch of imagination to step into the shoes of those disciples, are you up to it? Jesus gives the Twelve their marching orders: one tunic, sandals, and a staff. This evokes the instructions given the Israelites on the eve of their departure from Egypt. The Christian journey is a personal passage from the slavery to sin to the true freedom of the children of God.

This was the gift they were able to offer to others. The message the Twelve preached is the same one that Jesus preached as he began his ministry—repentance. A saying goes: “There are many things a person can do alone, but being a Christian is not one of them.” Jesus knew that of course, which is why he sent out his disciples two-by-two. Jesus knew that community and companionship, giving and sharing are essential to the Christian journey. Amos denies his critic’s claim that he is a professional prophet; he insists he was unexpectedly called by God, just as the twelve apostles were and just as each of us is, so that, in the words of Saint Paul, “we might exist for the praise of God’s glory.” Think about your own call: the apostles were sent out into the world with just a single tunic and a walking stick. As fishers of people, despite their lack of fancy gear, they brought in quite a haul.


Let us go forth to build the Kingdom and let us do it together.

Father William


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